Grown Locally, Picked Daily, Family Owned

We are a family owned farm in the western suburbs of Chicago, growing all our vegetables and fruit in Kendall County, IL. We strongly believe in quality fresh produce that is grown locally, and value the quality of the product above all else. We pick our produce daily and only pick it when it's ripe and at the peak of flavor. All of our locations have produce brought to them daily.

We believe that produce wasn't meant to be mass produced, instead grown locally and sustainably with concern for the quality and freshness of the products. From bedding flowers in the spring, fresh sweet corn, tomatoes, and a wide variety of vegetables in the summer, to pumpkins, squash and vegetables in the fall, we work to bring you the best quality produce and flowers in the Chicagoland area.

From sowing the seeds in spring to harvesting our last patch in the fall, we do it all ourselves. We begin growing our plants in greenhouses in early March. In mid April we start planting our sweet corn in the fields, and in May plant our greenhouse raised seedlings. We continue to plant throughout the summer to have a steady stream of produce the whole season. We pick our produce every day of the week to ensure fresh vegetables for our customers, taking only Sunday off.